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  • Photo Slideshows - How you can Make your Own Slideshow

    Photo Slideshows - How you can Make your Own Slideshow

    A photo slideshow is a wonderful method to preserve your memories. If you do not know how to make your own slideshow, I've laid out some suggestions for you to follow.

    1.) Collect all of your photos that you would like to stay in your slideshow presentation. If you have digital photos on a camera make sure to transfer them and get them organized how you want them to look inside your slideshow. In case your photos are printed you will need to scan the photos for your computer using your own scanner or going to your local print/copy store where they are able to assist you on getting your photos scanned properly.

    2.) After you have all your photos digitalized and arranged it's time to edit your images. Most information technology has a basic photo editing software already placed on your computer or you can download a totally free software package online. Just type free photo editing software in any internet search engine. The main stuff you want to edit in your photos is red eye and cropping. Most photo editing software has a red-eye removal tool, which is simple to use in addition to a cropping tool to chop out unnecessary backgrounds.

    picture slideshow

    3.) Now your photos are organized and edited. It is time for you to build your slideshow presentation. There are lots of slideshow services online that allow you to customize themes and backgrounds. Depending on how professional you would like your slideshow to appear, you may have to pay a fee for several features. If you are looking for a basic slideshow then download a free slideshow program which should have the desired effect.

    4.) After finding the slideshow program you want to use, you are going to have to upload your photos. There must be a wide open or upload photos button within the program you're using. The photos will automatically be uploaded inside a timeline that's already organized to how you want the photos presented.

    5.) The very last thing your have to is music. No slideshow is done without music. Based on in case your slideshow is perfect for a wedding slideshow, birthday slideshow, anniversary slideshow, graduation slideshow or simply family photos slideshow the music is what really makes your photo montage become more active. You will find different sites and concepts online that may provide you with suggestions of the items songs to use for what events, but ultimately the choice is yours. Import your song choice to your slideshow and it will now be complete.

    6.) You have the option of saving it in video format and basically how many features your slideshow program has you may be able to produce a DVD or upload it to YouTube or Facebook.

    Hopefully this tutorial has give you a concept of the general procedure for how you can produce a slideshow presentation that's certain to impress.

    Added by Jesse & Perry on Tue, Jun 12th 2012